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24 Päckchen


8 Karten


  • 100 Regular Cards


Rainbow Foil (1 je Päckchen)

Diamond Anniversary (limitiert auf 75)

Modern Gloss (limitiert auf 10)

Stamped Buyback (Originalkarte mit 75er-Aufdruck, 1 je Box)

  • 01. Marge: "Don't forget your lunches!"
  • 02. Maggie: "Suck!"
  • 03. "I'm Lisa Simpson-I'm above domestic cleaning!"
  • 04. "I'm Bart Seemp-Seau, famous underwater explorer!"
  • 05. Homer: "No more television-for all eternity!"
  • 06. Bart: "I have an announcement to make: I'm bored!"
  • 07. "Marge-you're my wife, but cupcakes are my mistress!"
  • 08. Homer: "Calm down, boy! It was just a nightmare!"
  • 09. Homer: "Comics are for kids, boy!"
  • 10. "Time for our favorite cartoon, Itchy & Scratchy!"
  • 11. "The family that mambos together, stays together!"
  • 12. Homer: "Bart!!" Bart: "Uh, Oh..."
  • 13. Bart: "Are we at Weenie Barn yet?"
  • 14. Homer: "We're the grown-ups and you're the children-understand?"
  • 15. Marge: "Help! I'm a fully developed female trapped inside the body of a child!"
  • 16. Maggie: "Suck! Suck!"
  • 17. Bart: "Now get in there and clean up that mess!"
  • 18. Homer: "Come back here, you little smartass!"
  • 19. Bart: "Tolstoy Schmolstoy! Space Mutants II is what I call a work of genius!"
  • 20. Homer: "I'm no supervising technician...I'm a technicial supervisor."
  • 21. Bart: "All right! `America's Most Armed And Dangerous' is on!"
  • 22. Bart, Lisa: "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
  • 23. Maggie: "Suck! Suck! Suck!"
  • 24. Lisa: "Homework is society's way of torturing their young!"
  • 25. Homer: "No reststops for the next 16 hours!"
  • 26. Bart: "Zee brave undair sea exploraire wrestles ze yuge sea monstair to zee better end."
  • 27. Bart: "Look Homer, clean as a whistle!"
  • 28. Bart: "We can never let him down. He'll kill us." Lisa: "Exactly."
  • 29. Bart: "Don't bug me. I'm studying, man!"
  • 30. Homer: "And don't come out till you sparkle, boy!"
  • 31. Bart: "Maggie? Lisa? You in there?"
  • 32. Lisa: "Should I turn on the tv?" Bart: "It already is on."
  • 33. Bart: "Don't have a cow, man!"
  • 34. Homer: "Bart! Get back here!!!"
  • 35. "Anybody seen Maggie?"
  • 36. Homer: "Marge, let's run away from home."
  • 37. Homer: "Gootchie gootchie goo!" Marge: "She's such an adorable infant!" Bart: "I think she needs her diaper changed, man!"
  • 38. Bart: "It's The Bart Simpson Show, starring Bart Simpson, and featuring the Bart Simpson orchestra and the Bart Simpson dancers."
  • 39. Bart: "Quiet! Genius at work, man!"
  • 40. Homer: "Shut up back there, you little smart alecks!"
  • 41. Homer: "Bart! Did you eat all the pork rinds?!"
  • 42. Homer: "What'll it be tonight, Marge? The Rusty Barnacle or The Singing Sirloin?"
  • 43. Maggie: "Suck! Suck! Suck!"
  • 44. Homer: "March your butts straight up to bed, you little hellions! Pronto!" Bart: "Can the rest of our bodies stay up and play?"
  • 45. Lisa: "Happy Father's Day, Dad. They were 12 for a dollar at Bud's `Big 'n' Wide' Shop."
  • 46. Bart: "Stand back, comrades! The smell alone from this closet can be lethal!"
  • 47. Bart: "There's nothing more disheartening to young fertile minds than the 5:00 news hours!"
  • 48. Bart: "Right on, dude!"
  • 49. Homer: "What do you think you are, Thomas Edison?!"
  • 50. Homer: "This looks like the work of one Bartholomew J. Simpson!"
  • 51. Homer: "You said `Left'." Marge: "I said `Right'."
  • 52. Marge: "It's quiet." Homer: "Yeah. Too quiet!"
  • 53. Bart: "Kids out there in T.V.'re being duped!"
  • 54. Bart: "There's only so much one hell raisin' kid can take, man!"
  • 55. Lisa: "It's amazing how much beauty and intelligence can fit into such a petite frame!"
  • 56. Bart: "AAAUUUGHHH!"
  • 57. Homer:"Who ate my cookies?!!!"
  • 58. Bart: "Back off Homer. I happen to be having some very educational dreams."
  • 59. Homer: "I said knock it off!!"
  • 60. Lisa: "Don't blame us, Dad! We're merely acting under the whim of our genetic programming!"
  • 61. Homer: "Go to bed! Go to bed right now!!"
  • 62. Marge: "There's only one cookie left!" Homer: "And somebody's responsible!"
  • 63. Bart: "I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything."
  • 64. Bart: "Gangway man!"
  • 65. Homer: "Which one of you ate my last donut!"
  • 66. "Bart?" Bart: "Uh oh gotta hide."
  • 67. Bart: "Last one to the breakfast table is a wimp, man!"
  • 68. Homer: "God help me."
  • 69. Lisa: "Bart, you're such a dimwit!"
  • 70. "I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?"
  • 71. Marge: "Your father's chasing after Bart because he loves him." Lisa: "Nice try Mom."
  • 72. Homer yelling: "BBAARRTTTT!"
  • 73. Lisa: "I can't wait to see the Happy Little Elves!" Bart: "Oh, grow up, man! The Crappy Little Elves are for babies!"
  • 74. Homer: "Why you little...!!!" Bart: "Let's break for a commercial."
  • 75. Homer: "For the last time, I'm the parent and you're the children!"
  • 76. Homer: "I think it's time to go down to the Dairy Den for some frosty chocolate milkshakes!"
  • 77. Marge: "Let's take turns yelling into the canyon, Lisa, you start." Lisa: "Okay. BORRRRRRING!!!"
  • 78. Homer: "Marge! Where's the personals section of today's paper?!"
  • 79. Lisa: "We have no idea who made this mess."
  • 80. Bart on couch: "This is the life, man!"
  • 81. Bart, Lisa: "Me, Bartunga!" "Me, Leesumba!"
  • 82. Bart, Lisa, Maggie: "Unga, bunga, yunga, ho!"
  • 83. Lisa: "There is justice in the world, Maggie."
  • 84. Maggie: "Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck."
  • 85. "Uh, oh...."
  • 86. Bart: "Another day of parental oppression."
  • 87. Bart: "Aye carumba!"
  • 88. "Apple polisher!" Lisa: "Thank you very much, I take that as a compliment!"