Simpsons Nr.27 Vol.2 (uk)

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Datum: 17.10.2019
Preis: £3.99
Verlag: Titan Comics
Publisher: Matt Groening
Editor in Chief: Chris Ungar
Managing Editor: Terry Delegeane
Director of Operations: Bob Zaugh
Editor: Tolly Maggs
Designer: Donna Askem
Editorial Assistant: Phoebe Hedges
Managing Editor: Martin Eden
Senior Designer: Andrew Leung
Art Director: Oz Browne
Senior Production Controller: Jackie Flook
Production Controller: Peter James
Sales & Circulation Manager: Steve Tothill
Direct Marketing Officer: Charlie Raspin
Publicist: Imogen Harris
Ads & Marketing Assistant: Bella Hoy
Commercial Manager: Michelle Fairlamb
Head of Rights: Jenny Boyce
Publishing Director: Darryl Tothill
Operations Director: Leigh Baulch
Executive Director: Vivian Cheung
Publisher: Nick Landau


  1. Skate with Destiny!
  2. How Marge Got Her Curtains Back
  3. Stretch Dude And Clobber Girl
  4. You'd Better Sloth Around!


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Vol. 2