Abreisskalender 2009 (us)

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Datei:Abreisskalender 2009-us.jpg

Prepare for another thrilling year with The Simpsons Laugh-a-Day 365-Day Box Calendar! It's a funhouse of fun facts and freeze-frame moments, a sidetracking sideshow of timeless and tricky trivia, a roller-coasting reminder that will leave you loop-the-loopy with laughter! Climb on board for a ride that is your life with the Simpsons!

Datum: 06/2008

Preis: US$ 13.99 / C$ 15.00

Produktion: Katen Bates, Serban Cristescu, Terry Delegeane, Nathan Hamill, Jason Ho, Nathan Kane, Jesse Leon McCann, Bill Morrison, Mike Rote, Sherri Smith, Chris Ungar, Art Villanueva & Robert Zaugh

ISBN: 978-0-06-147791-1

Verlag: Harper