Abreisskalender 2006 (us)

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Brush up on „The Simpsons“ with this all-new daily desk calendar. You will find yourself testing your knowledge, quouting facts, spouting dialogue, imitating your favorite characters, reliving your favorite moments from the show, impressing your friends, annoying your coworkers, and just plain laughing your way through another year with Homer Simpson.png - Homer, Bart Simpson.png - Bart, Lisa Simpson.png - Lisa and the rest of the citizens of Springfield. Laugh the year away a day at a time!

Datum: 10/2005

Preis: US$ 12.99 / C$ 17.95

Autor: Jesse Leon McCann

Produktion: Katen Bates, Serban Cristescu, Terry Delegeane, Nathan Hamill, Jason Ho, Nathan Kane, Bill Morrison, Mike Rote, Sherri Smith, Chris Ungar, Art Villanueva & Robert Zaugh

ISBN: 0-06-078692-2

Verlag: HarperEntertainment