Abreisskalender 2003 (uk)

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Datei:Abreisskalender 2003-uk.jpg

Brush up on your Simpsons, with this all-new daily desk calendar. You'll find yourself testing your knowledge, quoting facts, spouting dialogue, imitating your favorite characters, impressing your friends, annoying your co-workers, and just plain laughing your way through another year with  – Homer,  – Bart,  – Lisa,  – Marge, and all the citizens of Springfield. With a daily dose of The Simpsons, your next laugh is just a page away.

Datum: -/2002

Preis: £ -

Autor: Jesse Leon McCann

Produktion: Karen Bates, Terry Delegeane, Jason Ho, Nathan Kane, Bill Morrison, Rick Reese, Mike Rote, Sherri Smith, Chris Ungar, [[Art Villanueva & Robert Zaugh


Verlag: Danilo