Abreisskalender 2002 (us)

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Datei:Abreisskalender 2002-us.jpg

How well do you know The Simpsons™? Test your know-how and expertise every day of the year with this mind-numbing, brain-teasing, eye-popping, thought-twisting, head-busting calendar/collection of perplexing puzzlers, questionable queries, and be-wildering bafflers taken straight from episodes of the longest running animated show in prime time. Contains trivia truly guaranteed to confound and outwit the savviest Simpsons aficionado.

Datum: 10/2001

Preis: US$ 12.99 / C$ 19.95

Autor: Jesse Leon McCann

Produktion: Katen Bates, Terry Delegeane, Jason Ho, Nathan Kane, Bill Morrison, Mike Rote, Sherri Smith, Chris Ungar, Art Villanueva & Robert Zaugh

ISBN: 0-06-621150-6

Verlag: HarperEntertainment