Abreisskalender 2000 (us)

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The human condition, the meaning of life, the nature of the universe - it's all here in the musings of one of the 20th century's greatest philosophers ...  – Bart Simpson! With brilliant observations on everything from sibling rivalry, sports, the media, and religion, Bart Simpson, the sage of Springfield, explains it all to you! Loaded with chalkboard promises, telephone pranks, and notable quotables, it's a complete and colorful year of the best of Bart Simpson. With 366 days of wisdom from America's favorite 10-year-old, you can't go wrong!*

*Parental Warning: Do not, we repeat, do not allow your children to take Bart's advice.

Datum: 10/1999

Preis: US$ 12.99 / C$ 19.00

Produktion: Katen Bates, Terry Delegeane, Jason Ho, Bill Morrison, Jennifer Sindon, Christopher Ungar & Robert Zaugh

ISBN: 0-06-107577-9

Verlag: HarperEntertainment