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Eine Liste der Werbegags im Vorspann. Sie werden seit der 20. Staffel verwendet.

Staffel 20

P‑Code Inhalt

- Krusty..
Now doing Funerals

- Lost Child
No Reward

- Moe's Tavern
Now with Electricity!

- Pay for Septuplets
Get Octuplets free!

- Support your
local Bullies

- Luigi's
Home of the Breadstick

- Principal Skinner
I paint Houses

- Spider-Pig - The Musical
Music by: U2 and Alf Clausen

Staffel 21

P‑Code Inhalt

- If I kill you, you don't Pay
Dr. Nick Riviera

- Kwik-E-Mart
Porno now on lower Shelf

- The Leftorium
Next Right

- Don't face this Christmas Sober

- Dr. Otto's
"Wellness Clinic"

- Springfield Retirement Castle
Get me out of here!

- The Fox Network
Still sucking after 20 years

- Dr. Nick's
Home of the one-hour sex change

- Duff
Nothin' but booze

- Death and taxes - two things I avoid

- Text me your lunch money

- Please abduct this child
Call Homer

- Springfield Retirement Castle
New vacancies every flu season

 – Krusty's one-year Sobriety Special

Staffel 22

P‑Code Inhalt

 – Prof. Frink's Sex/Kill-Bot
Make sure switch is in correct position

Springfield DMV
Wait Time: 39 Hours

- Krusty..
Now doing Funerals

Springfield Kwik-E-Mart
Thoughtless gifts for people you don't like

Luxury cars missing one window
No cops

Spuckler Daycare Center
Just toss 'em in the pile

Springfield Seafood
50 % more fish eyes

Springfield Dinner Theater
Dr. Hibbert and Mrs. Skinner butcher Driving Miss Daisy

Springfield Mall for Rent
Free retail space with every purchase

Springfield Wax Museum
We fixed our air conditioner

Do not accept candy from this bunny

Mother's Day Special I'm half off

Nehmen Sie jetzt zu. Fragen Sie mich wie.

Staffel 23

P‑Code Inhalt

Learn to speak parrot


Duffman is Mark Twain Springfield Playhouse

Bah Humbug & Happy Hanukkah Christmas Ignorers United

Reelect Quimby → The devil you know for 18 years

Winter at Squidport Dead Seals wash up daily

Bumblebee Man, Brockman and Booberella Your new Channel 6 News Team

McBain`s Valentine`s Day Kick-Assacre

The Kwick-E-Mart yesterday's food at tomorrow's prices

FOX 25 years of televised stuff

Sleazy Sam's Remember That Name

Staffel 24

P‑Code Inhalt

McBain Capital - Consider this is a hostile takeover

Springfield - Unsolved Murder Capitol of the World

This is not Santa — Do not let him in

Hair Bone Removal Clinic - Live the bone-free life!

Live from Rehab! 8pm

Springfield Isotopes — Spring training tickets available — Watch my get ready!

Cletus' Road Kill Diner — It's fender-pickin' good!

Herman's Antiques (And Guns)

If you haven't sent
Your Mother Flowers
Its too damn late!

Staffel 25

P‑Code Inhalt

Why are you moving yourself? Bully & Son Moving

Krusty.. now doing funerals

One More Hour Till Milk Expires - Thank You Daylight Savings!

Santa's Lap -- the line is already forming! - Springfield Mall -- never leave!

Monday Night Football at Moe's — The screen is now CLEAN!

Moe's Tavern — We accept most fake ID's

Krusty's Kristmas Karol with Sideshow Bob hatchet

Lard Lad Donuts — discreetly super-christian

St. Patricks Day At Moe´s - Leprechauns Drink Free

This Easter give up Jesus for lent — Temple Beth Springfield

Krusty.. now doing funerals

Total Recall - All Items Tainted