Abreisskalender 2004 (us)

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Datei:Abreisskalender 2004-us.jpg

Trivial?! There is nothing insignificant or inconsequential about television's longest-running animated family show “The Simpsons.” But this page-a-day calendar is loaded with so much mind-teasing, memory-searching, head-ringing, thought-twisting trivia, it can be described only one way—“TRIVIAL”!!! Make room on your desk for day after day of comic relief from “Our Favorite Family” to yours!

Datum: 10/2003

Preis: US$ 12.99 / C$ 19.95

Autor: Jesse Leon McCann

Produktion: Katen Bates, Terry Delegeane, Nathan Hamill, Jason Ho, Nathan Kane, Bill Morrison, Mike Rote, Sherri Smith, Chris Ungar, Art Villanueva & Robert Zaugh

ISBN: 0-06-053678-0

Verlag: HarperEntertainment