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Abspann in englisch Ray: "So as I was sayin' Homer, mondays 9 o'clock CBS. They say everybody loves that guy but I dont get it."
Homer: "What are you talking about?"
Ray: "I'm just sayin'. Catch it - while u still can."
Homer: "What time is this show on ?"
Ray: "Monday, 9 o'clock, CBS"
Homer: "And whats the network?"
Ray: "CBS"
Homer: "At what time?"
Ray: "9 o'clock."
Homer: "If i want watch it, what day ?"
Ray: "Monday, monday 9 o'clock."
Homer: "And this is on the radio?"
Ray: "No, it's television, mondays at 9, on CBS."
Homer: "And if I wanna see it, what time should I watch it ?"
Ray: "9 o'clock."
Homer: "On what channel?"
Ray: "CBS."
Homer: "What day ?"
Ray: "Monday."
Homer: "On the radio ?"
Ray: "Television."
Homer: "Turn the television to what channel ?"
Ray: "CBS."
Homer: "And what time?"
Ray: "9 o'clock on monday."
Homer: "Now if I wanted to see it on a certain day, what would be the best day to see it ?"
Ray: "It's only on on monday."
Homer: "And what time would be a good time?"
Ray: "9 o'clock, it's from 9 to 9:30."
Homer: "So if I turn my radio on at 9 o'clock."
Ray: "Not the radio, television."
Homer: "So it's mondays at nine, on NBC..."
Ray: "CBS."
Homer: "CBS."
Ray: "9 o'lock."
Homer: "On the radio."
Ray: "Television."
Homer: "Television at 3 o'clock´."